Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  Recruit Veteran
Safehouse 3m 18s 700ms
14th place

The Sins of the Father 6m 48s 660ms
8th place

No Fighting in the War Room 6m 04s 360ms
10th place

Game Over 5m 53s 360ms
5th place

Need for Speed: Carbon
  WCG No NOS NOS Unrestricted
Circuit - Main Street

0m 49s 650ms
2nd place
Circuit - South Fortuna

2m 38s 960ms
1st place
Call of Duty
  Any% No Saveglitch Any% Veteran
The Eder Dam 7m 25s
4th place

Berlin 4m 31s
3rd place

Call of Duty: World at War
  Any% Any% Co-Op 2 Player Any% Co-Op 3 Player Any% Co-Op 4 Player Any% Veteran
Little Resistance 2m 07s 770ms
1st place