Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  Beat the Event
Freestyle Skiing 0m 59s 394ms
9th place
Bobsleigh 1m 04s 431ms
7th place, 12th place
Happy Wheels
  Flash / Mobile JavaScript
BMX_Park II 0m 26s 630ms
24th place

The Banana Peel 2m 06s 600ms
5th place

The Combine 2.1 0m 17s 130ms
12th place

Ultimate Payback! 0m 23s 570ms
8th place

New Super Mario Bros.
  Any% 100%
1-3 0m 30s
4th place

Piano Tiles 2
  High Score
1 - Little Star 0m 00s 537ms
37th place
2 - Jingle Bells 0m 00s 708ms
26th place
3 - Canon 0m 00s 848ms
23rd place
4 - Two Tigers 0m 00s 638ms
18th place
5 - Happy New year 0m 00s 706ms
22nd place
6 - Beyer No.8 0m 00s 570ms
16th place
7 - Bluestone Alley 0m 01s 241ms
18th place
Micro Platformer
Tutorial 1m 30s 497ms
83rd place
Breeze 2m 48s 031ms
36th place