A Hat in Time
  Any% Any% No Optional Badges 2 Character
Mafia Town - Time Rift - Bazaar
0m 26s 970ms
15th place

Street Boyz
  Clear Max Rank
Nichirin Discrimination Office 0m 53s
2nd place

Google Snake Game
  25 Apples 50 Apples 100 Apples 252 Apples
Classic Mode
1m 31s
6th place

Ratchet: Deadlocked
  Solo Co-Op
Valley of Heroes 0m 09s
1st place

On the Prowl 0m 09s
1st place

Rise Up 0m 25s
2nd place

Alien Soil 0m 25s
1st place

Sarathos Sprint 0m 06s
1st place