Splatoon 2
Enter the Octohurler (04) 1m 22s
10th place
Octozeppelin Invasion (06) 1m 04s
13th place
Octoseeker Shakedown (10) 1m 33s
1st place
The Floating Garden (11) 1m 53s
6th place
Dancing Floors (13) 1m 25s
1st place
Parking Garage (14) 1m 54s
13th place
Octocommander Fortress (17) 1m 30s
5th place
Propellerland (20) 1m 28s
4th place
Underground Expressway (22) 1m 41s
4th place
Platform Madhouse (25) 1m 30s
1st place
Paradise Lanes (26) 1m 23s
7th place
Octoling Workout (27) 0m 40s
9th place