Any% NoAbility NoUtility
Halloween World 2m 24s 550ms
4th place

Christmas World 1m 24s 433ms
2nd place

Desert World 1m 27s 500ms
7th place

Forest World 1m 56s 180ms
6th place

Winter World 1m 27s 470ms
5th place

Laser World 2m 03s 050ms
4th place

Medieval World 1m 49s 330ms
4th place

Ancient World 1m 49s 420ms
5th place

Sci-Fi World 3m 06s 730ms
4th place

Steampunk World 2m 28s 780ms
4th place

Hell World 2m 43s 500ms
4th place

Boss Bus 0m 08s 420ms
1st place
  Inbounds Out of Bounds Glitchless
e00 0m 25s 560ms
3rd place

e01 0m 38s 190ms
3rd place

0m 39s 190ms
2nd place
A Hat in Time
  Any% Any% No Optional Badges 2 Character
Subcon Forest - Mail Delivery Service 0m 41s 750ms
8th place

The Spaceship - Time Rift - Gallery 0m 31s 580ms
12th place