LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC/Console)
  Story Mode Story Mode (Co-Op) Free Play Free Play (Co-Op) Challenge Mode Challenge Mode (Co-Op)
Negotiations 2m 32s
15th place

Invasion of Naboo 3m 25s
12th place

Escape from Naboo 3m 00s
17th place

Mos Espa Podrace 4m 37s
12th place

Battle over Coruscant 4m 06s
4th place

Emily is Away
  Single Chapter
Chapter 1 1m 54s 520ms
3rd place
Chapter 2 2m 18s 590ms
3rd place
Chapter 3 3m 25s 980ms
3rd place
Chapter 4 0m 39s 900ms
2nd place
Chapter 5 0m 10s 370ms
3rd place