Solo Duo Trio Quad
Lesser Gnasher (LVL 1)
2m 40s 049ms
4th place

Lesser Embermane (LVL 1) 2m 45s 040ms
12th place

Skarn (LVL 3) 9m 36s 048ms
8th place

Skraev (LVL 4)

5m 26s 060ms
3rd place
Shrike (LVL 4)

12m 03s 061ms
2nd place

Embermane (LVL 5)

10m 11s 083ms
3rd place

Drask (LVL 7)

5m 51s 078ms
2nd place
Pangar (LVL 7)

8m 39s 034ms
2nd place

Bloons Tower Defense 6
  Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
End Of The Road
18m 37s
1st place