Doom (Unity) Category Extentions
  Any% UV NM UV+ UV-Max NM100S UV-Pacifist NM-Pacifist
BTSX E1M8: Waiting 0m 04s 710ms
4th place

BTSX E1M16: Waiting II 0m 04s 220ms
4th place

BTSX E1M23: Waiting III 0m 31s 080ms
3rd place

BTSX E2M9: Bonsai Nightmare 1m 07s 970ms
2nd place

BTSX E2M11: Searching II 0m 19s 370ms
3rd place

Doom Zero Map 32: Dark Roof 0m 25s 540ms
2nd place

Project Unity 1: Hell on Earth

0m 45s 400ms
1st place

Athletics 2: Summer Sports
  Timed Event High Score Event
Men's 50m Swimming 0m 21s 097ms
6th place

Men's Fencing
0m 00s 005ms
1st place
Doom (Unity Ports)
  Any% UV NM UV+ UV-Max NM100S UV-Pacifist NM-Pacifist NM-Slow (Archive) NMS-Max (Archival)
E1M1 Hangar 0m 09s 430ms
66th place

E2M2 Containment Area 0m 15s 740ms
10th place

DII 4: The Focus

2m 31s 910ms
3rd place

Master Level 4: The Combine 1m 24s 690ms
5th place

Plutonia 11: Hunted 1m 49s 680ms
3rd place

Super Cat Bros.
  Any% 100%
World 1-1 0m 06s
1st place
0m 06s
1st place
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  Set Seed Solo Random Seed Solo Set Seed Coop Random Seed Coop
Obtain Item 0m 15s 620ms
112th place

Interstate Drifter: 1999
  Any Vehicle Marble
Level 1 0m 13s
5th place

Does not Commute
  Any% 100% (all time bonuses)
Suburb 1m 06s 600ms
2nd place