Pixel Quest
  Any% All Idols Glitchless All Gems & Idols (100%) Glitchless All Idols Glitchless All Gems and Idols (100%)
Tutorials 2m 43s
3rd place

Level 10 0m 33s
1st place

Level 17

0m 24s
1st place

Super Mario 64 HD Remake
  Beat Level
Fall onto the Caged Island 0m 17s 120ms
4th place
  Glitchless Glitched
0m 04s 866ms
1st place
21 0m 21s 500ms
1st place

22 0m 12s 666ms
1st place

SM64 Sapphire
  Single Star Stage RTA
Maple Meadow 0m 19s
11th place, 9th place

Supersonic Slide
0m 34s 600ms
2nd place
Super Mario 64 Online
  Single Star Stage RTA Stage RTA (Multi SC)
Bob-omb Battlefield 0m 19s 100ms
2nd place, 2nd place, 5th place

Whomp's Fortress 0m 29s 900ms
1st place, 3rd place, 4th place

Jolly Roger Bay 0m 12s 460ms
2nd place, 3rd place

Cool, Cool Mountain 1m 12s 700ms
3rd place, 3rd place, 2nd place

Big Boo's Haunt 0m 21s 300ms
2nd place, 5th place

Hazy Maze Cave 0m 05s 830ms
2nd place, 5th place

Lethal Lava Land 0m 06s 100ms
3rd place, 4th place

Shifting Sand Land 0m 16s 760ms
1st place, 4th place

Dire, Dire Docks 0m 42s 500ms
1st place

Snowman's Land 0m 35s 200ms
3rd place, 1st place, 2nd place, 5th place, 2nd place

Wet-Dry World 0m 05s 560ms
1st place, 1st place

Tall, Tall Mountain 0m 17s 400ms
2nd place, 3rd place

Tiny-Huge Island 1m 21s 060ms
2nd place, 2nd place

Secret Stars 0m 51s 800ms
1st place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 1st place, 1st place

Bowser Stages 0m 16s 830ms
2nd place
2m 56s 280ms
1st place

Red Ball Category Extensions
  Red Ball 1 Red Ball 2 Red and Blue Balls Red Ball 3 Red Ball 4v1 Red Ball 4v2 Red Ball 4v3
1 0m 03s 129ms
53rd place


0m 18s 740ms
5th place


0m 26s 010ms
4th place

12 0m 15s 433ms
11th place

Swamp Top Path 0m 57s 323ms
3rd place
Level 1 Co-op 1m 39s 574ms
5th place, 4th place
Level 2 Co-op 3m 09s 688ms
3rd place
Level 6 Co-op 1m 16s 976ms
2nd place
Hypixel Server Parkour
  All Checkpoints Any% All Checkpoints (Speed 2) Any% (Speed 2) Cosmetics%
BedWars 0m 47s 310ms
758th place