Hot Lava
  Any% Buddy Mode All Checkpoints Boostless

0m 14s 168ms
2nd place, 2nd place
Recess 0m 19s 464ms
3rd place

1m 01s 051ms
4th place
0m 19s 487ms
2nd place
Playground Tiny Toy 2 0m 21s 978ms
1st place

0m 52s 145ms
1st place
0m 28s 457ms
1st place
ABCs and 123s 0m 37s 081ms
18th place

Repeat the Grade 0m 44s 299ms
9th place

To the Top 0m 11s 667ms
2nd place, 1st place

0m 12s 867ms
1st place, 1st place
Wholesale Pogo Trial 3 0m 24s 584ms
1st place

Wholesale Tiny Toy Trial 1 0m 18s 867ms
1st place

0m 39s 916ms
1st place