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Yes, I've often regarded the timing method as the main reason why I wouldn't want to run this game, if this change could happen I would run the game.

I support this.

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I definitely support this, like... it does tell you your time IGT at the end of the run though, and a method I use is subtracting 24 seconds off of each RT Segment to get my IGT while i'm running, but its not always accurate and it can be extremely frustrating not being aware of your IGT pace MID RUN.. its definitely tedious and shouldnt have to be focused on mid run, as its fairly distracting, & having both times on the leaderboards gives a cluttered appearance that some runners get turned off from. RT should be standard as its primarily the easiest to follow, and most runners feel comfortable running this method, ESPECIALLY knowing other runners that used a form of time skip, have been moved to a separate category.

Reviewing footage to figure out your time on each level, should never be on a speedrunners todo list, it should be all RT right there in front of you.

Uploading a run today since I know changes might be coming soon, I think i'll wait for changes before I run again however.

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Yes, i'll literally run this right now if this happens.


The timing method in this game is basically what forced me to opt out of running it, its too much.. a shame since it was one of my favorite games as a kid, I would love to see these changes, especially No Blue Jeep category.

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I'm a relatively new runner to Cruisn, but I def think switching to real time would probably be in the scene's best interest.


Hey I submitted a run, hoping we can get IGT removed soon so i'll keep practicing for my next RT submit!


I just read through the whole thing. For adding a new mod, who should I add as a mod, should I make that person a normal mod or a super mod and add 1 or maybe more mods? Also three of the five mods haven't been online for at least a year.


I could also be available to help moderate the Crusin boards, if need be. I'm a very consistent user of the site and a big fan of this game.

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I am honestly intrigued by this. One of the reasons I've held back running this game was due to timing methods. Perhaps the game could have subcateogories for each methood of playback?

Similar to the way this leaderboard is currently set up?

Or even the way the SM64 board is currently?

Having Subcategories split into
N64 | WiiVC | Emu
Would be ideal. IGT could still be tracked in the description.

This would allow for RTA to become dominate, all runs of every method could be submitted, and it would provide players more options to PB with. No longer a single board with all the times submitted for all veriants of playback, there wouldn't be worry of Emulation out weighing the real N64 runs, and it would help players
researching runs for the game on the respective ways mentioned.

Keep us updated mods, this could be a positive change for the board if it was figured out. 🙂

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I just added CatchUp2RNGMoney as moderator. I can't add mulvi as moderator, cause he needs to enable e-mail authentication before I can add him.

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