Separating Glitchless and Glitched runs?
5 years ago
Illinois, USA

Hey, thought I'd start a discussion on separating the 2 for separate categories for a more organized board. Plus allowing those who can't quite get the timing right with the glitch a decent spot on the leaderboard. What do you guys think?

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Maine, USA

It would almost seem strange for such a short game to have 2 very short categories.

Although for a lot of these short games "1 Loop glitchless", or "No OOB", or something like that seems to be a fairly normal category. I am sure it would be doable by the mods if they allow it. At that point though, you and your PB are really just battling against RNG.

So I guess I am not opposed to it, I just don't see myself submitting to it.

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Västra Götaland, Sweden

I'm usually against having multiple categories for a short games, but of course if there's enough intresst in it I am happy to add another category I guess.

Or I could just make a really fast guide explaining how to get the glitch to work(think the current guide is like 20min, and haven't watched it, but could make a 5min guide if that would help?), which the current wr strat and the next natural step for it?

Like Merrik said, a glitchless would just be "Oh do I get the perfect rng" vs glitched that actually determines how fast you can do the glitch. But again, if the intresst is there I will gladly add another category.

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Maine, USA

A shorter guide is actually not a bad Idea. Despite the current guide being solid, it was more designed (if I remember correctly) for the BIG20, and showed a lot of safety starts, as well as glitchless strats as well. A non-marathon safe guide would be a pretty good idea, especially just showing the first wrap/glitch. If you made it short and sweet, it would probably get more people willing to try it.

Västra Götaland, Sweden

So I will make a recording when my new computer arrives(this weekend hopefully), and just going through the current wr strat and the natural progression from it. I believe anyone can do a sub 30 time once they get the glitch down with the right rng(and we are speaking 10-15min rng grinding).

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Maine, USA

You say that, and it makes we want to grind down my time to sub 30. haha. But very cool on the new computer for you, and the new tutorial for everyone else =P

Västra Götaland, Sweden

Will post here as well not to make a new topic:

How do you guys feel about joypad(dpad/joystick) vs keyboard? in the current state(no tas walk, don't even know if it's possible by a human) there's really no hard advantage I believe. Where it would be is the LEFT to RIGHT movement while performing glitch, but it's one sequent every 0.5-1sec while performing it, so I don't think it gives any advantage beside maybe a bit more concistency on keyboard.

My vote goes to not seperating it currently at least, but keep monitering and maybe gather more information from older/more knowledgeble runners. maybe 1 frame between left/right input isn't possible on Dpad/joystick(pretty sure it is on dpad with the grip I use for urban champion, but could be wrong), but most certenly are with keyboard.

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New Jersey, USA

Doing a glitchless speedrun for Urban Champion sounds interesting

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