In-game timer viewer (PC)

a window displaying IGT, to be used for stream overlays (direct download)

By mpumpu

Umihacks (PC)

new and improved practice tool (direct download)

By mpumpu


All Fields unlocked (PC)

place it in %LOCALAPPDATA%\UmiharaKawase\ (direct download)

By mpumpu


LiveSplit ASL autosplitter (PC)

auto start at cutscene, auto split at door and auto reset on title screen (direct download)

By mpumpu


Field Select hack UMI_TT (SNES)

IPS patch for the original SNES rom, use included save file to prevent crashes caused by pressing select (direct download)

By ­

Umihara Kawase Loader (PC)

allows you to customize keyboard controls in the PC version (external link)

By melanite