With our very first UKSG finished and our next one in planning, we would like to hear you feedback on UKSG Winter 2017. Here are a few of the biggest pointers that we would want feedback on:

What are your experiences as a runner? (Game selection, the streaming area, satisfaction with tech during setup, and anything related to you as a runner?)
Experiences as an attendee (Finding the venue, venue, helpfulness of staff, cleanliness etc),
If you signed up as a volunteer, do you have any remarks about the jobs you did for the event?

If you watched at home:

Your experience of the stream (quality, audio balancing, other issues stream related),
Contents of the stream (layouts, setup times, etc.)
Your thoughts on the overall standard of runs on display, any major highlights and any genre or era of runs you thought were underrepresented
Feel free to call out a specific timeslot/run if any feedback has to do with a specific run

And of course any other area you can think of!

In the coming days/weeks we'll be reviewing the event and your feedback will help shape next UKSG.

If you would prefer to submit your feedback anonymously, you can make use of the Google Form below. We'll read everything submitted and hold it in equal stature to public posts here.

Kind regards,

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