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Hello everyone!
UKSG is back once more for another awesome marathon in Glasgow. Once more we'll be raising money for YoungMinds. If you want to know more of what we'll be doing, the information below should give a good idea of where, when and how we will be operating.

Dates (Times in 24h format and subject to change)
Setup starts: Saturday, 1st of June
Stream start time: Sat, June 1st - 10:00 BST
Stream end time: Sun, June 2nd - 22:00 BST
(and then afterparty/cleanup)

These are tentative times and they may shift. Keep an eye on our discord to stay up to date

Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow
301 Argyle Street
G2 8DL
Contact info
Please join the public discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​vcXNUpK We require runners to have joined the discord by the time submissions close in order to be accepted into the marathon, as discord is our official means of communication.

We ask runners to submit their runs individually. In case you want to submit multiple categories we ask to fill out a separate form for the other categories (i.e. Any%/ 100% in a different form). If you wanna submit a race/co-op run etc. we ask all participants to submit individually. Submissions will close on May 4th, 2019 (9PM BST). The Cuts and Schedule will be announced shortly after.

Please submit through this form:
---> https:/​/​goo.​gl/​4y4xHP <---

You can see the responses here:
---> https:/​/​goo.​gl/​oChmDi <---

Entry fee
You can buy tickets once the submission phase is closed!!
Cost: £25
Buy tickets here: https:/​/​www.​eventbrite.​co.​uk/​e/​uksg-summer-2019-tickets-61646460222
We require runners pay their ticket two weeks before the event at the latest. All other attendees need to buy their tickets before they can access the stream area and PCs & TVs that are reserved by UKSG.

Mass housing
Mass housing is available, but at very limited quantities.
You can buy the tickets once the submission phase is closed.
Price: £5/person
The price covers staying in mass housing for three nights of the relevant weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday night).
Warning: A mass housing ticket is not an attendee ticket. You still need to buy an attendee ticket to be allowed into the event space

We require every attendee to read through these following things carefully as you may be suspended from future events by not following those rules:

Terms of Agreement

Code of Conduct

Submission Guideline