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The date and time (Times in 24h format)
Setup starts: Friday, 16th of March - 19:00 GMT
Provisional stream start time: Saturday, 17th of March - 8:30 GMT
Stream/event finishes: Sunday, 18th of March -19:00 GMT (and then afterparty/cleanup till ~22:00)

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Contact info
Please join the public discord: We require runners to have joined the discord by the time submissions close in order to be accepted into the marathon, as discord is our official means of communication.

You can submit runs here:
We ask runners to submit their runs individually. At the end of each form, you will find a new link to the form to submit additional games. In case you want to submit multiple categories we ask to fill out a separate form for the other categories (i.e. Any%/ 100% in a different form). Please keep submissions to a maximum of 5 games.
Submissions will close on March 4th 2018 (Midnight GMT). You can view current submissions here:

Mass housing
Mass housing is available, it is being hosted on-site
Cost: £5
Limited availability and tickets for these slots will be available soon. More information in the next few days. Keep an eye on the UKSG discord for updates. Those who wish to use mass housing must bring their own sleeping apparatus (airbed, sleeping bag, pillow, blanket etc).

Entry fee
We require runners pay their ticket by the 11th of March (the ticket needs to be processed by midnight on March 11th). Tickets are £5
per person. Viewers can pay upon arrival. More information concerning tickets will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on the UKSG discord for updates.

Food and drink
Food and drink is allowed at all spaces. Refer to the Code of Conduct for restrictions on alcoholic drinks.

Runners from outside of the UK
Everyone is very welcome to join us. If you are from outside the UK and would like to attend, feel free to submit as a runner or join us at the venue as a viewer.

Terms of Agreement

Code of Conduct

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