Dear UKSG Runners, Attendees, Volunteers, Viewers and Fans,

another amazing weekend has come to an end, sadly. But it was a lot fun and I personally can't wait to join UKSG again.
In order to improve our future events we would like to hear your opinion. What did you like, what didn't you like. Lets us know your feedback.

To give you a little help here a few points we would like to hear feedback about:

- Venue
- Schedule
- Interviews

Dont feel forced to say somethign about those points these are just a ideas 😉 If you have other points you wanna say something about feel free to do so 😃

You can leave your feedback in the comments below or if you wish to stay anonymous you can use the following feedback form:

Nethertheless thanks to everyone who made this possible and we hope to see you back for #UKSGSu18