Dear UKSG Friends,

for everyone wanting to submit to the UKSG Anniversary Event #01, you'll find all information you need. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me or anyone else form the organizing crew.



Submissions will be done via the
Click on "submit run" and fill out the form
Click on "View submitted runs" to see responses and change your submission if needed.
Please check out the submission rules further down.



Submission open --> October 1st
Submission close --> November 10th (9pm GMT)
Cuts announcement --> November 11th
Release of Schedule --> 24th of November
Marathon start --> 8th of December (12pm GMT)


Submission rules:
- You can submit a maximum of 5 different games (unlimited amount of categories as long as the maximum of games is not overstepped)
- No restriction in game length (although longer runs are unlikely to get in due to the limited amount of time we have)
- Every game is allowed as long as it isn't against Twitch ToS
- For Races: EVERY Race Participant needs to submit individually and has to point out that it is a race.
- Don't change anything on your submission once they are closed. Contact me (Indi) and we get it sorted out.


If you submit we would like you to keep the following thing in mind:
- please have your Discord linked to your profile and join our discord.
- You will stream to your own channel as we capture it to the marathon channel. Special rules regarding layouts will apply for that.
- You are free to choose if you do your commentary on your own and get help from a friend. You don't have to write that in your submission but everyone who participate in the run needs to join the discord.
- For Availability please note down your own time zone (or convert the times you are available into GMT) and keep times as clear as possible. So not like "in the afternoon" but rather "2pm until 6pm" if possible.
- For donation incentives please describe what they are about and a rough idea what we can expect. Let us know if there's something additional you wanna do or a Bidwar (in that case note down the options if there are any).
Please let us also know if that happens before, during, or after the run.
- Additional time is for incentives only. Note down how long your incentive would take for example Glitch Showcase (5 minutes)


For any more information check out the Master Thread or visit us on discord. We require everyone who participates in this marathon aka runners, commentators or volunteers to have joined the Discord by the time we close the submission as all further announcements such as cuts and pre-schedule will be posted there.

With that we wish you a wonderful and happy submitting and hope to see you soon,

Best regards

Indi | Head of Events and Schedule


Reminder that Submission are open for two more weeks.


Last 48 hours until submissions close