UCry Too Marathon finished on .


UCry Marathon is an annual marathon showcasing runs of the Cry Running Community and also of any other games that get submitted.

Any game can be submitted but the main focus is games published by UbiSoft and/or running on a version of CryEngine.

This in honour of Far Cry (2004) made by CryTek, the game that ties all of this together.

We are here to have fun and to connect games and communities that otherwise do not have much in common.

The marathon will be an online marathon and will not have a charity involved.

We are looking for any category that is interesting/fun to showcase and it does not have to be the fastest player on the board.

If you wish to submit or participate then join our discord.

The submissions will be done using Oengus:


Any Game and any Category can be submitted.

Games that are published by UbiSoft and/or run on a version of CryEngine are in the two lists below:


You can watch the marathon as a whole or the runs seperately here:


and/or here:


See you all at the marathon, which we plan on organizing around september 2020.