So, about 10 months ago I posted a thread about an All Figurines run, and now I want to take that a couple steps further. I took a break from WWHD and played some other games and I came back by doing (my version of) a max% "run". I realized that I could route it and optimize it decently well. I could only do glitchless though because I don't know very many glitches. So besides the obvious stuff like 20 hearts, all chests, and All Figurines, I was wondering if a couple of things would be needed for max%.

First is all non-respawnable rupees (yellow on tingles island and red on arylls lookout) I've decided against this because it would take to long to find and route all of them in, but if the latter wants them to be in, I'll put them in.

The second thing I have decided against are those random 50 rupee chests in the ocean, I am unaware if they respawn and have no desire to route all of them in if they do.

The third and final thing I'm iffy about are the pedestal things that hold town flowers and all those other items. For that heart piece you only need to put the statues on the outside of windfall, but there are pedestals in buildings and on other islands like the private oasis. Out of the three things that I've mentioned, If this one was put into the run I wouldn't be displeased.

I've also thought about max spoils, and after getting 99 of each spoil (23 for Ble Chu Jelly), I've decided to put it in the run since you'd only need to grind moblins, dark nuts, and a couple of golden feathers, everything else you get during the game if you collect the spoils every encounter.

So that's my rant on max%, if the community thinks that I should include any of the things above, I will. The route will take a little while to make and it won't be perfect, but I'll The do the best that I can do and thanks to anyone who read the entire thing


if you want to do an actual max% run then the first and third thing should be in the run imo.
as for the second thing, they are randoms that respawn.
and since it is max%, does that include permanent flag stuff aswell? monkaS


Ok thanks, didn't know hey were respawned. And as for the permanent flags, I was planning and doing most of them and if (after some research) they weren't too bad include them all. A lot of planning has to go into this if this is going to become optimized because of all the crap this game has to offer, I just hope that after I route it, that a few people would run it. My estimate right now is maybe in between 25-30 hours, it will (hopefully) be shorter


talk to azer67. he's been routing it for a while in theory


Yeah, I have been wanting to find all flags and routing them for a while now.

If we are going for all flags, I think we should go for all non-respawnable rupees. The problem is finding them all, which is tricky. Any help is appreciated (I forgot to check the yellow rupee on Tingle Island btw, thank you for mentionning it).

About the ocean light rings, most of them don't respawn and they are not random, so they should be included in. Luckily, someone already mapped them so it shouldn't be too bad to route them in:

About the decorations, since they can be removed from their pedestrals whenever, they shouldn't technically be included. However I 100% agree that this is a pretty cool sidequest and doing it would be really cool. But other people might not think the same so idk. In my first route attempt I routed placing Shop Guru Statues everywhere (I still haven't tested it tho).

About spoils, having 99 of all of them shouldn't be necessary (since you can sell them so it's not a permanent flag. However, obtaining one for each of them will be necessary to clear their first time cutscene. Defeating all 23 blue chus will also be necessary (but technically, only 15 of them will need to be collected for the blue potion). And giving 99 Joy Pendants to Mrs Mary will also be included since that's the max she can take.

There is one last issue about all flags, and that is all the texts that only happen once. Some NPCs have a unique line of dialogue when talking to them for the first time, and so talking to most NPCs in the game will be necessary, even if they don't do anything.

This is what I wrote when trying to route all flags:
There are probably some flags missing (I haven't tested texts at all yet), so any help is really appreciated (that category is a mess lol)


Oh sorry i was completely wrong about the light ring part.
The decoration sidequest should definitely be in though imo, if you're doing apf then why not?


Wow, I'm impressed by the amount of work you've put into that max% APF run. I've been thinking about this a little more and I don't think I'll include APF just so it's more likely that people would run the game. However, I would definitely help you find some of the non-respawnable rupees and other things you would need help on. Also anks for linking the light ring chart, I'll definitely need to make use of that.


WWHD needs more categories that people wouldn't run! 🙂 Or i'd do it for a stream special after getting a good time in all the other categories first