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In this new category, the objective is to save grandma with the fairy. Note: You do NOT have to complete the whole game, just save Grandma. Timer ends when you get the soup. Thoughts?

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This would be in Misc. Section and there would be glitches allowed

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You can run stuff even when it does not have a leaderboard. I'd say run it Tooad!

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i don't think its a good category for the main leaderboard.
maybe if TWWHD gets a category extensions leaderboard it could be in there.

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I love it! Maybe it could be for both the GCN and Wii U versions...


how about save grandma% in Rando. strange i had a dream about this idea a few nights ago too

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If you want a route for this in HD:
- Manual Superswim to the Bomb Isle Submarine, get the bottle, savewarp to Outset
- Manual Superswim to Northern Fairy Island, get the wallet upgrade and then get a fairy in your bottle
- Leave and perform a short manual superswim to the Northern Fairy Island Submarine, get caught
- Leave jail, trigger the gossip stone text, savewarp to Outset
- Save Grandma

A few interesting notes:
- The trigger for Grandma to become ill is the gossip stone trigger in FF1, and not endless night (probably because you can go to Outset before Greatfish casually, Grandma is supposed to become ill due to being left alone storywise).
- There might be a faster fairy to get than one in that fairy fountain. However, the short manual superswim from the island to the submarine makes me think that it is decently fast for RTA. I think you can get a fairy from some platforms with no item, but I have no idea if they're consistent.

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You could perhaps find a way to clip into the Fairy on Outset? That could be slightly faster.


If we could do that, 100% would be several minutes faster 😛

It is unlikely, you would need to do a manual superswim anyway to get past the invisible wall behind the trees that is there if you don't have a sword. You also can only go there during the day or else it will crash.

Other fairies I can think of are either very much out of the way, very hard to get (Mother & Child Isles), or simply require more items (a sword for the random Headstone fairy, bombs for a bomb isle fairy). But maybe I'm missing an easy one