this category has no runs and i cant find anything when i try to look it up on the googles, but counting all the small keys from the 5 dungeons i only can remember 12 keys (not counting boss keys/big key) and adding boss/big keys to the mix makes 15, and i just missing something, or is this a category that is doomed to never have a run in it, if anyone has any info relating to 14 keys category i would love to hear about it

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Sorry for the delay. 14 DRC Small Keys is a challenge category that involves obtaining 14 small keys in DRC using a combination of 2 glitches: being able to transfer keys from one dungeon to another using storage, and using the Back in Time glitch to duplicate 3 DRC keys. There are 4+1+2+3+2=12 keys in this game. One of the earth temple keys can't be transferred so that makes 11 keys, plus the duplicated keys from Back in Time which makes 14. That is the maximum known amount of keys you can get in one dungeon.

There has ever been one run done for this category, and I think the first part of the run was lost, but here is the second half:

You can find more info on this category here:
I'm not sure whether or not the exact route has been written anywhere

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trash looking category

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