Any% - No Actor Unloading in 4h 46m 20s by PK_SlamPK_Slam - 30th place

Sub 4:40 is coming

Tingle Tuner: Tuner

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Submitted by PK_SlamPK_Slam on

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Name Duration Finished at
Outset 16m 18s 426ms 16m 18s
Forsaken Fortress 1 11m 40s 129ms 27m 58s
Wind Waker 5m 42s 991ms 33m 41s
Greatfish 2m 43s 139ms 36m 24s
Bombs 5m 57s 134ms 42m 21s
Deku Leaf 9m 48s 240ms 52m 10s
Forbidden Woods 5m 51s 191ms 58m 01s
Nayru's Pearl 7m 14s 786ms 1h 05m 16s
Enter DRC 7m 37s 802ms 1h 12m 53s
Grappling Hook 5m 16s 149ms 1h 18m 09s
Dragon Roost Cavern 4m 58s 603ms 1h 23m 08s
Enter TotG 5m 19s 766ms 1h 28m 28s
Hero's Bow 5m 53s 423ms 1h 34m 21s
TotG Boss Key 4m 34s 674ms 1h 38m 56s
Tower of the Gods 4m 10s 342ms 1h 43m 06s
Master Sword 4m 04s 754ms 1h 47m 11s
Islet of Steel 7m 29s 217ms 1h 54m 40s
Helmaroc's Lair 7m 02s 219ms 2h 01m 42s
Forsaken Fortress 2 4m 18s 562ms 2h 06m 01s
Hyrule 2 9m 30s 102ms 2h 15m 31s
Fire and Ice Arrows 9m 07s 388ms 2h 24m 39s
Power Bracelets 14m 04s 714ms 2h 38m 43s
Iron Boots 3m 57s 872ms 2h 42m 41s
Mirror Shield 8m 21s 313ms 2h 51m 02s
Earth Temple 8m 05s 044ms 2h 59m 07s
Bird's Peak Rock 6m 59s 148ms 3h 06m 07s
Hookshot 8m 49s 599ms 3h 14m 56s
Wind Temple 10m 43s 928ms 3h 25m 40s
Overlook 7m 30s 530ms 3h 33m 11s
Savage Labyrinth 14m 27s 302ms 3h 47m 38s
Ghost Ship Chart 2m 56s 310ms 3h 50m 34s
Stone Watcher 4m 13s 983ms 3h 54m 48s
Private Oasis 4m 05s 685ms 3h 58m 54s
Ghost Ship 6m 28s 881ms 4h 05m 23s
Triforce of Courage 17m 50s 276ms 4h 23m 13s
Light Arrows 8m 37s 977ms 4h 31m 51s
Puppet Ganon 7m 21s 214ms 4h 39m 12s
Ganondorf 7m 07s 387ms 4h 46m 20s
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