Barrier Skip Theory




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I don't know much about Wind Waker in case of speedrunning, but someone posted this in a small Twitch chat months ago and I saved it, and he didn't seem to be a troll. It's probably not possible, but I wanted to know if something about this is true or not for a long time:

"You wind waker dive past the loading zone of voiding out, quickly cancel, and out of the cancel have the correct angle where you can hover to the entrance of ganon's tower, where you need to hover high enough, to shoot a kees with a bow, dropping a heart, which you pick up and walk into the tower"

He claimed to have gotten it one time after hours of trying, but again, I don't know if he was serious.

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its not possible but theres a cheat that allows to itemslide and skip the barrier

Alright theory, as I believe if you have door storage it's possible is there a way to use cutscene storage and door storage to teleport to the storm that takes you down to hyrule while keeping door storage?

I guess the key issue with my theory is finding a way to carry door storage between loading zones. If only there was a way to store storage, you know? Like store your gamestate during door storage, go to hyrule, pull out the windwaker and be in door storage. IDK super dumb theory crafting


this "theory" or thought has been around for at least 3 or 4 years i would say, its not possible unfortunately.

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If Barrier Skip were possible on GC then that'd be pretty amazing....too bad its HD only/

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Most Likely