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was just thinking about this game because gdq just happened and thought about this category idea

basically its get every achievement aside from Wonderful 10,000 because after calculating everything if you beat every level including the two secret levels it leaves you at about 6,500 objects collected, meaning you'd need to grind out 3,500 more which sounds like a chore

but i feel like it would be cool and would change the routing if we went for all other achievements since the normal routes don't go for the brontosaurus, orangutan, donut, or ship iirc

another cool idea might be all levels where we also do arcadia and the sugar candy secret level

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I like the idea of a 100% category that would include both the wonderful 10,000 and two secret stages, while getting the last achievement might be a chore it feels like it'd be way different from Any%
I feel like all stages is just like an extended any% since your routing on stages is the same but you need to play two more and 92% also wouldn't be super different from any%

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i think excluding just the wonderful 10,000 but requiring everything else would help differentiate it

maybe All stages 92%? Because honestly once you finish all the stages it would just be farming Sugar Candy like five or six more times which is kind of mundane


Completely okay with the idea of All Levels. Unsure about 92% however, even if it sounds boring, I'd rather have a 100% over a partial completion category.

Question from me:
Does the 10,000 object have to be collected before you reset the game data for the second run?
-If you don't know, I would recommend testing it. You can remove achievements from your profile with SAM.Picker or family share the game to a new account.


After reset

You only really have to do one run since Wonderful Big Bladder isn't a listed in game achievement and even if it were you would just start the game by resetting your data.

I figure we'd just be going by the in-game trophy box as a guideline which i just now realized only holds 10 achievements.


I also didn't realise big bladder was steam only achievement. I guess all in game achievements plus all levels then. I still stand by 100% over 92%. I don't know how much of a deal breaker this is for you.


not a particularly big one, i can deal with 100%

my sugar candy splits are going to be absolutely immaculate


just crunched the numbers; you get 6,585 objects from doing all levels

that leaves us with 3415 more objects to collect, and the level with the most objects (and conveniently enough, one of the faster ones) is Skytop Mall at 685 objects.

If we complete Skytop Mall 5 more times, that will put us at 3425 objects, meaning the least amount of levels to complete to get 100% would be 19 stages; all stages once and Skytop Mall six times

I might experiment with the maximum potential objects that can be collected in Sugar Candy since that stage also can be done fairly quickly with a lot of stuff lying around in the end and also check if Exploration Mode counts towards achievements.


Nice, I've added the category and I'll have a try of the category when I get some time. Is the timing rule fine? I'm unsure when the achievement unlocks in game but we could use steam achievements in this case. Object achievements unlock on level completion only.


yeah that sounds good

i would just also add in the timer stopping when you complete the stage that gives you the final achievement (so you can choose to do all levels then grind for 10k or grind to 9430 objects and complete Megalopolis and get the 10k and all levels achievement at the same time)


I think it should be self-explanatory. If it isn't, I'll try and work out something when I wake up.


yeah i mean it is i just figured to make it like

impossible to get wrong

also exploration mode doesn't count towards object collected totals so rip my idea of doing exploration Sugar Candy to get 800 objects each run followed by a quick In the Beginning run

it looks like the 10k is gonna have to involve the 5 runs of skytop lmao


Is brontosaurus and ships achievements possible on first playthrough of the level?


yeah they're both possible, when I reset my data I was able to do ships on first run through

Brontosaurus just requires a different routing; the current route doesn't involve objects large enough to get it so we need a new route that involves more houses