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I'm thinking about giving a go to "All courses", but the prospect to have to change discs throughout Tiger Dream 18 is scaring me. Is this course comprised in the rule ? (Since it's a comilation of other holes ?)


Not a mod but I don't think it should count as its "All Courses", I've never seen a course that spreads itself literally across the Earth.


Yeah, i think this "course" is a bit odd to add to the rotation. But in any case, i won't include it, it is simply too troublesome, and the discs shows signs of degradation after some practice runs, plus the fact that it increases the risk of a console crash, i already get that twice.
My console is old, i don't have real means to repair it, and the discs themselves are not in the best shape since i've got them from second hand reseller.

But i would like the mod to clearly indicate what is the rule. It would be a shame to add a run, and then see it rejected because of that. If the rule includes the Tiger Dream 18 as mandatory, i won't post a run.

Perhaps splitting categories ?


I changed the rules on it to include the 20 course only and not Tigers Dream 18.

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thanks !