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Like the title says, it might be be interesting.

Gold Lightan and PTX-40A are likely the only characters really capable of sub 10 times, so it might allow for some more varied strategies.


My suggestion:

1. Arcade mode with giants (Lightan or PTX)
2. Arcade mode with teams
3. Time trial with giants (we could use the in-game timer that has a xx'yy'zz format!)
4. Time trial with teams

5. Ultimate All-Shooters mini game

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Hey @Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky (and other runners!) - figured I'd try an @ as I don't know how often you check things. What does everyone think about @obiiwanobiiwan 's (and my own) suggestions?


Gold Lightan in particular is pretty broken, I'm welcoming of the ideas

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