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Hi there,

just made my account on speedrun.com a couple of days ago and posted my speedrun on the ORIGINAL PC version of Turok - Dinosaur Hunter. It has been verified and put into the Remaster Any% category. That is wrong however.
I assumed when submitting the run in N64 Any% and selecting PC as a platform, someone of the mods would notice that and maybe put up a new category for it.
You may know that the N64 and original PC version are mostly identical, while the PC Remaster differs vastly, especially in terms of speedrunning.
That's why I want new categories.
So what about...

...N64 Any%
...N64 100%
...Original PC Any%
...Original PC 100%

100% is arguable though (all chronoscepter pieces? for the remaster all secret locations also?).

Thank you 🙂


I totally forgot to mention, that my runs are segmented, which is unfair compared to all your single-segment runs (you save a lil bit of time when not saving, but I can more easily repeat difficult parts of the game...).

Is there any way to contact Bismuth directly on speedrun.com? Otherwise I'll try it via YouTube or something

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Normal mods can actually also change categories 🙂 The only thing normal mods can't do is add/remove other mods.


Hello hello, as you can see I read the Turok 1 forums quite often 😃

Normal mods can definitely change categories because I didn't make these current categories. I voiced my opinion on how the remaster should actually be split into its own game (comparable to Wind Waker HD vs the original Wind Waker), so the original could be split N64 vs PC. But because I have never run the game myself, I certainly did not want to impose my view on the community (even though, back then, it was a lot smaller).

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