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Forum: Alien Storm

Thread: Category for Megadrive?

Started by: CyberLokiiCyberLokii

Could there be differences between the versions to warrant a split? You could upload the run to the current board without any issues.... I think the rom is exactly the same but I could be mistaken.


Forum: Legend of Mana

Thread: Discord

Started by: SilentsigilSilentsigil

We also talked about this in the morning. We need a mod to add channels for LoM resources so that stuff is easy to find and we can have a general chat as well. Not sure how many or what they should be but I think it would make a difference.


Forum: Gunbird

Thread: Switch vs Saturn

Started by: cheekychunkcheekychunk

I want to play on Saturn as long as possible because of CRT things and input delay. Also long term I wouldn't want the game to be left behind. I plan on getting the Switch version at some point in the near future and haven't gone back to test Mobile Light Force on PC. These things being said open to future discussions and moving the game forward.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

Thread: Would my speedrun be approved on (J) version?

Started by: ZeroContrastZeroContrast

IMO they should be split into different categories. Also not sure about the logistics of that. The J version is slightly different, one of my friends got a copy recently and will be showcasing differerences mysefl in a submission video of sorts.

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Forum: Altered Beast

Thread: Any interest in All Sections, No Transformations, and/or No Power Ups as a category?

Started by: thu_oxthu_ox

I've been considering multiple cycles or starting on harder difficulties for sure. Once I get upgraded cables I'll get there. Also every 1st cycle is always a shot at a PB as well. Might not be for a while but I'm gonna at least look into it most likely.


Forum: Altered Beast

Thread: if anyone still speedruns this game?

Started by: BigGayMikeBigGayMike

I'm waiting on new cables and I'm coming back. I'll have questions as well.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

Thread: So end split should end when?

Started by: turbogilmanturbogilman

This explains a lot and I'm not opposed to changing when I hit that last timer. I just followed the rules as they were written, and since everyone else in this game does it when he falls I didn't change it. It's harder for me to hit the split when he dies and it was just easier to do it this way. When I made this post it was after we agreed to a tie because of the issues with goals ...etc but moving forward I think this is a sound defense of SDA timings. I personally don't know how to frame count but am willing to learn, unless it is left up to mods. I want to hear some other points of view but this does make a lot of sense.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

Thread: So end split should end when?

Started by: turbogilmanturbogilman

Basically with the different goals that me and Galedog set in our current PBs we have different WR holders depending on the rule. I am in favor of splitting when Shredder falls off the ledge for a couple of reasons. It mirrors similar games, hitting the split button when you lose control is almost impossible, and it's what most current runners use. This is an open debate and open to points made by everyone. Sorry words are bad, just wanted to get this post out there.