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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

Oof, changes 😱


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Forum: LOVE

Thread: TAS?

Started by: ScruffyButtonsScruffyButtons

oh god no....


Forum: F-Zero

Thread: whats ur mute city I time?

Started by: tuff_lovertuff_lover

pls let me know


Forum: Queens

Thread: Good optimization (~0.05s time save)

Started by: tuff_lovertuff_lover

Get past the last spike as soon as possible!
The idea is...time your movement so you start moving right after spike falls!

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Forum: F-Zero

Thread: msg to yazzo

Started by: tuff_lovertuff_lover

sorry for the double
i didnt know there was a bug
cheers 🙂

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Bug!

Started by: WagnerBrasilWagnerBrasil

I was bout to go on forum and post smth...glad im not the only one :((

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Forum: 2048

Thread: Discord

Started by: neinei

<--- There is a "Discord" link on a sidebar 🙂


Forum: 2048

Thread: Strategy That we can use....

Started by: TheOpalMinecartTheOpalMinecart

Maybe he's a troll :shrug:


Forum: 2048

Thread: A New Idea For W.R WORKS!

Started by: TheOpalMinecartTheOpalMinecart

This glitch makes us --- elitists, look bad 🙁

But it's just my opinion!


Forum: Kirby's Dream Land

Thread: Rules changes (again)

Started by: speedmanspeedman

Keep it up!
Proud of you!


Forum: The Site

Thread: someone is spammin 1ms runs w/o any vids n that okay?

Started by: tuff_lovertuff_lover

i wasnt sure if i should make a thread bout it...but hey 🙁


Forum: 2048

Thread: What is going on in this community?

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

16 run must be deleted, cuz no're right bout that!


Forum: Bleed

Thread: Community - Guide - Splitter

Started by: physeKphyseK

1) maybe, u need 2 look around
2) play more and more, find skips
3) unless someone is up to make one


Forum: Bleed

Thread: Smart usage of shotgun!

Started by: tuff_lovertuff_lover

I always buy a shotty close to her case I fook up the worm one!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Maybe he's r¤tarded?