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Not sure if this was already used but I found that while facing the opposite direction, dashing then hitting right, followed by a jump right after you get a faster jump at what looks like a slightly different angle too. It's not crazy but it does save some minor bumps in the any% run. I clipped 1-3 and 2-3 for ways this can save time and want to find more saves this can do.


Whoa, I didn't even know about that! Awesome!


Slight variation on the trick. Facing right, dash, hit left, then A makes you go even farther TO THE RIGHT then facing backwards. It's crazy I thought the trick was just facing the opposite way but the game forces spongebob to keep going right after hitting left and A. This saves so much time on that downward staircase on 4-3 around the end as you clear the whole thing now vs. backwards. Unfortunately this isn't faster on 1-3 because you pass the jellyfish on the jump but maybe if you hit the clam flying by it could work?

Video showing off the inputs. Super easy to pull off and has potential to save time in various levels. Very excited to explore more ways to implement this easy exploit.

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