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5 years ago
Rhode Island, USA

Powerless Cheat%: all cheats except all powers and all powers upgraded

All Chests: get all chests and beat the game

Legacy%: The thing you guys were thinking of doing

something simmaler to the character cheat%s of bfbb

pls don't hate me for making this someone was bound to make it in the future

North Carolina, USA

Powerless Cheat%: No. All Chests: We will be making All Level Extras because you can't get into Knucklehead without 50 tokens. Legacy%: Chris, Brit, Manix and I all agreed when the category was being made that it would be a misc on the main boards as "No BB/OoB". Character Cheat%: I don't see how we could do that.

Indiana, USA

Guitar Hero%

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Pennsylvania, USA

OnlyVehicals% use the all levels unlocked cheat and get all of the treasure chests and tokens the slide levels and the driving levels.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Disco% Play until you get the Goofy Goober Token in disco star

Pennsylvania, USA

i'll run all level extras

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North Carolina, USA

OnlyVehicles: It would be impossible to get into Knucklehead, you must have 50 tokens. Disco%: Seems too arbitrary.

Pennsylvania, USA

Dennis 2 rta cheat% ?

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Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany

SpongeBall Challenges

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New Mexico, USA
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
4 years ago

sandwich RTA

eat krabby patty

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