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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
SombraCakesSombraCakes Furi Speedrun Mode 0:45:00 PC USA Link In case all else fails 0 all times
SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon Final Fantasy Tactics any% (no math) 5:35:00 PSTV USA Link FFT is a TRPG that challenges both casual and speedrunners alike, with alot of RNG the game really keeps you on your toes along with the making mistakes can be very deadly 5 name Ramza, name generics anytime from 7AM-10PM CST (-6 GMT)
PessilistPessilist Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD Terra Level 1 Critical Any% 1:05:00 PS4 USA Link Terra Level 1 is a run not showcased at many marathons because of it's sheer difficulty. it's a run that relies on every tool available to attempt to survive while still showcasing combat and movement tech that can break the game without using glitches. Put this together on a short run with few breaks and a final boss rush that stops most people from attempting to run the category and you have an exciting showcase of skill, knowledge of the game, and constant flirts with death that is hard to find anywhere else 2 Secret Boss: No Hearts on Level 1 I'm aviable any time over the weekend. On weekdays I am generally aviable after 5pm.