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I'm a bit late to this game, so to speak, but after they gave it away earlier this year (and from some referral from Meliria) I'm doing some runs. I see that there's a category with no submission (WooHoo) and was wondering if anyone has tried routing it yet?

I did some research on the achievement it's tied to, and there was some bugs to it early on that may or may not have been fixed...the hardest part, apparently, is that it may be time-sensitive and if you age above Young Adult may not trigger...has anyone got any info on this?

If it's a reasonable time run (sub 3 hours) it may be an interesting addition to smaller marathons to highlight the game/series runs.

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Hey. I recently completed a run with expansions for this category. As of right now, it has not been verified, but you can see it on my youtube if you need to. My run with expansions was 1 hour and 26 minutes. I'd assume that this run would be sub 3 hour without expansions.

What I did was make a club with woohoo as one of the things the club likes to do and invited everyone that I could to this club. When I ran out of people to invite to the club, I went into town, and into people's homes so I could get to know them, then invited them to my home to get them to woohoo with my sim.

The aspiration and traits you should use for your sim in both with expansions and without is one of the romantic aspirations, then outgoing, romantic, and cheerful for the traits.

For without expansions, I would go into towns until I met 50 or more young adults/adults/elders, then go back to your house. Invite each sim over, befriend them (Befriend them more then other sims if they are not single), then get them flirty with by a pickup line, giving them a rose, or kissing their hands. Grow the sims love with each other until around(ish) 1/3 of the way up the bar, then woohoo. Then, you can ask them to just be friends (you probably don't need to), and ask them to leave, then move on to the next sim, or fill up your sim's needs. Side notes: When you start the game, it would be better to buy a better double bed so your sim doesn't get uncomfortable from a cheap bed. Remember to only invite sims over daying daytime (Around 7:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

This is just what I figured out after a few hours of research/messing around in the game. A lot of it could be wrong, or slow, so just use this as a basic guideline.


Yeah, I've got a sum-of-best sitting around 2 hours 25 mins, but bad RNG can really screw a no-expansions run...since even with nearly maxed Charm I failed to seduce a few sims near the end and spent WAAAY longer getting them into bed than it should have taken... I used a similar build for the traits (romantic aspiration, romantic, cheerful and creative instead of outgoing, since being inspired is a mood booster to keep from being too sad to woohoo)

The biggest problem is finding new sims to interact with, later in the run...and I know I waited a few days due to bad luck finding new sims, for teens to age up to young adults. Definitely an interesting/fun thing to route and discover...but definitely very RNG heavy due to the number of sims you need being so high.