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Hi guys !
I wanted to give the game a try after the SGDQ run , due to having the game already on EG store , cause it was free , however I've also noticed that you have to downpatch the game in order to use load remover. My question is: do I have to buy another copy of the game or just retime the run after to IGT?


Which version does it say on the pause screen? The load remover works on steam with 1.49something or another


Yeah no EG store is sadly very limited in terms of functionalities and downpatching isn't one of them. You could remove load times after, or you could buy it on steam and downpatch OR (and no I don't condone piracy when i say that) find a download link of the version we use (we could create one) and pirate it. Technically you already have a copy of the game so it's not illegal i think.


getting a pirated version of a game you actually own might not be illegal, but sharing one definitely is. 😕 The problem didn't appear earlier because Transistor is a very niche speedrun which doesn't get much activity, i don't really know how to fix it. Retiming your times might be shady, because the isLoading variable that the autosplitter is tracking doesn't exactly match with the things happening on screen.


Would providing the x86 and x64 folders from the downpatch work? I have a backup of those folders I paste over everytime steam re updates and it gets mine to work and it wouldn't be the full game so not technically providing a full game.

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