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Heyo guys!

I was wondering if there's a tutorial that's up-to-date with the current strats for TP Any%. Would be really thankful if you could link me to it :3



Skyreon's tutorial may be the best option right now when it comes to that. It definitely gives plenty of information on the run in general, excluding a few newer tricks like early BK in city and poe skip, which are in other videos and stuff so you can still learn them. I also recommend watching runs as well so you know routing, different setups for tricks, and things like that. ZSR also has tons of useful information

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My outdated any% tutorial provides additional information through annotations and it also provides links to all new tricks and routes in the description boxes. You should never be lead off-track, even if the footage is outdated.

Edit: YouTube has now not only discontinued but completely removed annotations. Please read the description of each video.

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Thank you very much, really can't wait to start out with another Zelda game 🙂