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I was just wondering if a run of this game, on the PlayStation 1 version, on the ePSXe emulator (specifically version 2.0.5), would be viable. Could somebody get back to me on this? Thank you!

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Sure, why not, but why not just use the PC version? Runs better and faster than emulators.

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use whatever emu you choose as long as you do not use anything thats not natural frame limiters etc


Yup, that's fine. Just know PC will always be the faster version for 40 token, but if that doesn't bother you, then don't worry about it. You're run will be accepted with ePSXe.


Wait, where would I acquire the PC version then? I didn't know that it existed.


Check the resources section, there will be a link to a pastebin with the PC version installer in it