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Since there is still no rules (or categories) after months, I've decided to suggest some. Some things to note: There will be a minigolf physics overhaul. It has been promised for months, with nothing done with it since February. The solution to this, is the exact same thing as ballrace, have the old runs go to Misc / Dead category.

The other thing to note: There isn't categories set up, so please add a category for each map. I don't think I'll personally run all of the minigolf courses back to back, as I don't enjoy some of the courses, with or without speedrunning them. (looking at you sweet tooth) But I'm not sure what other people will want, maybe some people will run all the courses at once.

Okay so now onto the actual ruling suggestions: For all single courses:
Use RTA (Real Time Attack)
Timer starts when you click "Finished" or the timer runs out, at the "Customize Your Ball" screen.
Timer Ends when the ball lands in the 18th hole.
Video Proof is required for all runs on the leaderboard. (its 2018, and this game is only on PC, personally I recommend
You must complete all 18 holes in the course. (Similar to ball race's rule where you can't kill yourself 3 times)
You must play alone for the duration of the run. (it's always going to be faster this way)

Now "all courses" should have the same rules.
Timer starts when you click "ready" or the timer runs out, at the "Customize Your Ball" screen. But ends when you complete the last hole of the last course. Courses can be done in any order, but all eight (8) courses have to be done.

These are just my suggestion for the rules. They match up similar to ball race, while having reliable ways to split. I would love if people gave feedback, and put their own suggestions as rules in the comments, because right now, we got none. Thank you for your time.


I thought of some rules and then checked this and we had the -EXACT- same ideas, so these must be good rules 🙂

Thanks for the suggestions I've added it!