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Hey guys, Artemis here

We at the Touhou Luna Nights Speedrunning Discord are always interested in seeing how low can the time go. It is for this reason that as we approach the end of the year, we're putting a bounty on the world records for two of the categories. $20 USD can be yours if you can go fast and have the world record in either (or both!) Any% or Any% NMS on January 2nd 2021! (Or what will probably be December 33rd) To be eligible for this prize, you must do the following

1. Complete this Google form: (It just makes life a lot easier for everyone involved
2. Have an email with a working PayPal account.
3. Have a working SRC account

All runs must be submitted to the Touhou Luna Nights SRC page by midnight January 2nd JST (UTC +9)