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My name is Corayzy.

I am one of the organizers for the FTLGMarathon, where we showcase a variety of speedruns via our different events.

Coming up next month is our Niche-Athon, it's going to be a 24 hour event.

Do you know how to speedrun a game in a niche way?

Can you play sections blindfolded? Or even the whole game?
Can you play the whole game with socks on your hands?
Or maybe in a full body suit (such as an inflatable dinosaur suit)?
Or maybe you play the game on a controller that wasn't intended for the game?!

We are looking for you!

Submissions close on the 25th of September.
We're currently short on submissions, however we are hoping you are able to help!

Check out the submission requirements below:

If you have any questions whatsoever, please join the Discord. We'd be happy to help!

We hope to see you all soon!

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We will be raising money for AbleGamers

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The requirements for how you play the game include, but are not limited to,

steering wheel as controller (excluding racing game),
guitar hero as controller,
playing with your feet,
playing with items on your hand that hinder your normal ability to use a controller,
playing it in difficult costumes (such as a Dinosaur suit),
specialized controllers,
etc. the opportunities are almost endless. If you have any questions about if your run can be submitted, or any other questions, please join the discord & ask a Staff member.