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A few people of the Super Metroid community have come together to organize a new format for the Randomizer enthusiasts among you. We introduce to you: "The Super Metroid Rando League"
How does it work? Very simple! You just fill out this signup sheet https://goo.​gl/forms/26LMJClJoyHGfAP83 and join this discord https://discord.​gg/YYvNj2g until October 28th 8pm EDT and you successfully joined. What now expects you is one randomizer race per week for a span of roughly 4 months. Every week you will race a different person (League will be split up into random divisions based on entry numbers). The best players get to join the playoffs. We will stick to one randomizer mode during the season (We made a custom varia preset that is similar to the total tournament rando called Season_Races that you can find here http://randommetroidsolver.​pythonanywhere.​com/randomizer)

Please only sign up if you are willing to invest the time to make it a fun experience for everyone. Its only one race per week so it should be well manageable. (Of course exceptions with weeks off are managable aslong as communicated properly) All playoff games will be restreamed by SG, regular games will be covered by our twitch channel https://www.​twitch.​tv/randomizerleague or wont be restreamed at all (The focus on this is mostly the races, less the show). For any more questions about points, divisions, organizations, help, etc.. check out the discord.

I want to put a huge emphasis on this being a low level entry league. This is as good of a learning enviroment as you can get, so beginners are just as welcome as experts. We also do basicly daily practice races so you have enough time to get used to the randomizer.

At this moment we have 50 signups which is huge for such an "experiment" but we obviously hope for even more 🙂