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I was just wondering is there any GBA SpeedRunning community?

I'm looking for to make a little or big group of runners for just GBA games..

I feel like the enough in it HUGE back log of games for there to be a little underground group of runners, that could be set on running these silly little ports of games or some of the great console exclusives that the GBA had..

so I guess my question is this... IS a whole community needed for GBA runners or are the little community around these games enough for it? does there need to be a Discord for GBA games so we kinda have a directory of shorts..
just an Idea I had would love to hear back from other speed runners out there.

thanks & have a great part of your day when ever you may come across this jumble of words...


Usually speedrunning Discords are usually related to a certain series of games rather than by console. The small communities is usually enough for these games.

Not that it wouldn't be entirely out of the way to maybe try and form up some community that just goes out and does runs for various GBA games. There's a few communities that do a similar kind of thing, though their names escape me at the moment, but on a schedule, some game is randomly picked out and the folks in the community try and do some runs of it.

It's a console that has an undoubtedly large library, with a ton of stuff that likely fell to the wayside. In a Speedrunning regard, it also helps that accurate emulation for it is rather easy, so it's a lot more accessible.

It's possible it already exists, too, and I just don't know about it. Maybe try asking around in some other speedrunning related places and see what you come up with. The general forum, especially this sub-section, doesn't really see much attention in the grand scheme of things.

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