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The Event

Hey everyone, we would like to introduce you to Random Nostalgic Game, also known as RNG. We speedrun a new game from old consoles (not pc) every week, which is hand-picked randomly by our own bot. For example, this week we're running R-Type for the SMS.
Based on your time at the end of the week, you will be awarded points, and at the end of each quarter, we reset the scores and the old board will be archived. We do this through google sheets.
The point of this event is to live through old games again, route them, and enjoy running them, but also shine some light on lesser known gems. We've taken some inspiration from "speedrun weekly", so they kinda made this possible. In a way.

How to Join

Sound fun? The only thing you need to join is a computer and a bit of motivation!



The Crew

@Seydie Owner + Programmer
@Dickson Owner
@MelonSlice Owner
@Duxez Programmer



- I don't think I'm good enough for the event!
- That's not to worry about, the event is much less about winning then having fun, mainly because there are no real prizes after each quarter. It's supposed to be fun for everyone, and even if you don't submit runs, it's not to be heard that you can't stay and enjoy the fun.

- <to be continued>

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