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TL;DR: Speedrun contest of the free demo of Bloodroots on Steam. 150 US$ in Gift Cards + real life merch + copies of our games as prizes! Upload runs on Youtube (with IGT visible) & share on by Sunday 12th September 2021 @ 23:59:59 EST - legalese on


Hey folks!

We're hosting a Speedrun contest for the free, quick demo of Bloodroots! The demo is short & sweet so it's totally worth your time. If you're really bad at videogames and have never played Bloodroots before, it'll take you like, maybe 5 minutes to complete? So why not give it a try anyways?

We developed Bloodroots with Speedrunning in consideration; IGT is tracked and displayed, there are leaderboards, the level design is in such a way that enemies and weapons are positioned in ways that allow you to perfect the "combo dance" of slicing and dicing through enemies, there are items and ways to skip animations, move quicker and so on.

If you've never tried it, I really think it's worth your time 🙂


1st place 🥇
- US$ 100 gift card of your choice
- 1 x digital copy of Bloodroots (PC or console)
- 2 x digital copies of Fatmask (Steam)
- Bloodroots eco-friendly tote bag (physical merch)
- Exclusive Bloodroots illustration print (physical merch)
- Bloodroots pin (physical merch)
- Bloodroots stickers sheet (physical merch)

Note: The physical prizes require you to provide us with a valid shipping address. Delivery is dependent on reliability of your local postal service. The items will be expedited from Quebec via Canada Post.
2nd place 🥈
- US$ 50 gift card of your choice
- 1 x digital copy of Bloodroots (PC or console)
- 2 x digital copies of Fatmask (Steam)
3rd place 🥉
- 1 x digital copy of Bloodroots (PC or console)
- 2 x digital copies of Fatmask (Steam)



You must use the current, most recent build of the demo that's available on Steam: (Click "Download" next to "Play Demo").

Old runs, even if recorded, don't count! You have to do a new run during the contest!

The deadline is Sunday 12th September 2021 @ 23:59:59 EST.

You can submit as many entries as you like.

To submit an entry, two things:

1 - upload a video recording of the run on and include the tags #speedrun and #bloodroots in the title or description. Make sure the video shows the entire run, including the end screen that shows your time. (IGT)

2 - submit your entry to the Bloodroots page, on the Steam Demo tab:

The time displayed at the end of a run by the game is what will be used to choose the winners.

Glitching and in-game exploits are allowed, but no cheating with external tools, hardware or software!

Hint: sabre is faster than walking & thrown objects don't trigger overkill cinematic!

The run must be completed in a single playthrough, no quitting and resuming.

The video you upload must not be edited in any way whatsoever except clipping parts before the start and parts after the end.


I hope some of y'all give it a try 🙂 The demo is super quick to download and a really short & sweet vertical slice of Bloodroots that I think is a lot of fun, speedrunning or not.

We're still kind of new at this, so if there's anything we're doing wrong or you think we could be doing better, please don't hesitate to let me know 🙂

Good luck!

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