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MASH is hosting an open Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Randomizer Tournament.
Participants must join The Long Library discord server to remain eligible to play in the tournament,
Players must already understand how to play and use the SotN Randomizer created by @3snow_p7im3snow_p7im .

This Tournament will be using Safe Logic and be completed Glitchless with SpikeBreaker.
Top 3 players will be awarded a prize for placement after the tournament has concluded.

This tournament will be Online, matches will be streamed to an audience on Twitch,
Players should remember to respectful during the course of the tournament or risk being ejected.

All participants will be responsible for scheduling when their matches will occur with their opponents and the tournament officials,
If players fail to do so they will be given a lose for that match after prolonged period.

Also consider joining the SotN discord community for discussions on both the game itself and the randomizer.
The Long Library is not directly affiliated with this tournament.

The Long Library Discord: https:/​/​t.​co/​CoOZ0CeSsJ
Challonge Community: https:/​/​challonge.​com/​communities/​SotN
SotN Randomizer Tournament: https:/​/​challonge.​com/​sotnrando1
Tournament Rules and Proceedings : http:/​/​tournament.​sotn.​io/​

Sign ups are currently Closed and matches during the tournament are open scheduling,
Done between Players, Restreamers and tournament Organizer.
Schedules are subjected to change during the course of the Tournament.

If you have any additional Questions you can reach out to me on discord or my socials.
Twitter: https:/​/​www.​twitter.​com/​MASH_MX
Twitch: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​ez0mash
Discord: MASH#3149

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Tournament has concluded and our results are as follows:
Thank you again to all the players that participated in the tournament,
Also a large thank you to everyone who helped with restreaming or commentary.

Looking forward to planning more SotN Rando tourneys in the future.
❤️ Thank you as well to everyone who watched the matches live.

Missed a Tournament Match?
Find all the match Vods @ [ https:/​/​challonge.​com/​communities/​SotN/​announcements/​1281 ]


Ready for this to be a thing 👀

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Sign ups will open within the next few weeks or less.
At the moment we are looking for people who would like to host matches.
If you have experience with streaming content, please contact me @ the Discord server or through my Socials.
Stay tuned for more information to follow when sign ups open.


Information about the SotN Randomizer Tournament has been updated on the OP,
please read the information and before signing up to the tournament.

Signups and Start are indicated as tentative at this time,
participants will be notified once matches will begin to start for setting dates/times with their opponents.

See you all in The Long Library.


What's the Long Library?


The Long Library is a discord community for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
The name is of an area in the game called "The Long Library".


We are currently in week two of sign ups.
Currently over 12+ players
Plenty of new faces learning and eager to participate with some of the more experienced players.
There is still time to sign up as it will be kept open for at least another week or more currently.
Starting date is still tentative while commentary team is being established and players have time to practice and play.
Looking forward to the matches to come once we have established the starting date and scheduling matches.

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Tournament sign ups will be wrapping up shortly,
So if you were waiting to enter please do so soon.
After which signups will be locked and Scheduling will start.

Rules and Conduct for the Tournament were added/updated,
Refer to Original post.


SotN Randomizer Tournament
Registration closes September 1st ( Next Weekend).
Sign up here to participate: https:/​/​challonge.​com/​sotnrando1
Tournament Rules can be read here: https:/​/​tournament.​sotn.​io
Seeding will be shuffled and locked and scheduling will commence after that Date.

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Seeding has been shuffled and locked in.
Predictions are open.

Match scheduling will begin shortly from this point on.


Current Match schedule has been posted to second post.

Schedules are subject to change.


First Match has concluded and Results have been updated on the tournament page and Second post below Current Schedule.
You can watch the Vod as well via the link provided.

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Upcoming Match Schedule Updated for September 15th to 20th.
Vods are now available for the past 5 matches.

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Vods will start to be uploaded to youtube in the coming weeks as well.
Once they have started I will link them back here.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the matches so far in this tournament.
While I am openly aware of some technical issues here and there during the broadcasts,
Myself or others may not catch everything.
If you have any feedback or comments about the production and or the tournament please do let us know.


Next weeks match schedule will be updated here once a few confirmations are made and changes are done.

Refer to second post.

Also check out the match vods aslo linked in that post.

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Sept 23rd to 29th Schedule has been added/updated to second post:

You can find more information on the Tournament from the links in the first post or
by visiting the tournament challonge page @ https:/​/​challonge.​com/​sotnrando1

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Sept 28th to 29th weekend Schedule has been updated.
Refer to second post for details.

You can find more information on the Tournament from the links in the first post or
by visiting the tournament challonge page @ https:/​/​challonge.​com/​sotnrando1

New matches for the following week will be scheduled and updated once confirmations and such have been made.
Hope everyone has been enjoying the Tournament so far and looking forward to the rest of the upcoming matches down the line.

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While this week has drawn to a close with matches,
More are being scheduled to follow.
So stay tuned for scheduling drops/updates going into next week.

We have had allot of exciting matches happen over the past several weeks and with more coming.
13 matches have been completed thus far out of the 42 needed to conclude the tournament,
so plenty of more SotN Rando heading our way.


Upcoming match schedule updated.
Refer to second post for details.