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Hello everyone! The moderators of the Smol Ame community are proud to announce the first speedrunning tournament. Everyone can enter, even if you have never played before!

There will be 3 leagues: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You will be assigned based on your skill shown on the leaderboard. Most runners will end up in the Advanced league and non-runners and people new to the game in Beginner. If you have never submitted a time to the spreadsheet we have other provisions including 2-3 video submissions closer to the event to estimate your skill. Yes, we will know if you sandbag.

The competition will take place through brackets 1v1.

A random category will be chosen both players will have 5 minutes to practice that category and then will attempt 3 times to set the fastest run. An attempt is a completion or restart. Tie-breakers will be settled by a next fastest time wins.

Winners of the beginner league can be added to the intermediate league and intermediate league winners can move up to the advanced. If you choose to move up you forfeit the Champion title and 2nd place will get it. If you don't move up and take the Champion role, 2nd place can move up.

The event will be a live event and I will do my best to match you to your preferred time. You will know when your match is beforehand.

Beginner league on 12th March Friday, Intermediate league on 13th March Saturday and Advanced league on 14th March Sunday.

If numbers don't fill beginner and intermediate they may be merged.

To submit your times you will need to share your screen on discord live. Only the moderators of the event and your competitor will be in the call. The event will be live streamed on Youtube for everyone else to watch.

All current categories are possible

Playing on the current generation of the game

• v0.210217.1

• v0.210218.1

Moderators decision is finally.

If you are interested or have questions feel free to ask!

This is our first tournament, if goes well who know what will come next.









タイムを提出するには、Discord liveで画面を共有する必要があります。イベントの司会者とあなたの競技者のみが参加できます。イベントはYoutubeでライブストリーミングされ、他の人も見ることができます。



- • v0.210217.1

- • v0.210218.1




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Two Questions:

1: What time will the event be taking place? I have school from 7:30 - 2 and I wouldn't be able to play until about 3, and I am seeing if there is any way I can compete.

2: If we don't have discord, is Zoom an allowed option?