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The Discord still exists, and while the original focus of games the site wouldn't accept has faded, the other half of that is speedgames that get majorly overlooked. We never got enough interest to really start back then, but that can always change.

We could perhaps also easily pivot it to games that maybe other marathons wouldn't accept.

Here's a permanent link this time.

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What a sneaky man you are @Harish18Harish18, You edited in the apk 15 days after. Very sneaky.

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Oh...This is somewhat similar to Obscure Speedruns Club, where the 'obscure' game got a chance to be in the spotlight. It's a niche community, but it's nice to see something similar to that.


im intrested, let me know if this is to go ahead, i need some speedrunners to try out C.O.P. The Recruit to get the leaderboard filled up

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Sadly, this idea never came into fruition. 😭

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No, it didn't. It would have been nice to have, a lot of these games don't get enough love because they can't get a leaderboard.


It's still something that could happen someday.

It's just that a lot of it's initial purpose was invalidated by the rules changes.

I still think it'd be a neat thing to show off games with very small communities or games that just fly under the radar.

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just got invited to a discord server moderated by @GooberGoober that seems to stem from a similar idea, the welcoming page states : "If only you'd been faster... is a welcoming speedrun community for games that don't have speedrun communities. Most of the games we support aren't hugely active as speedrun games, but that doesn't mean they have to stay that way!"

not sure how relevant this is but just in case :

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Maybe Flash game marathon? XD
I think that obscure games marathon is good (because I am a obscure game speedrunner :/)



Maybe Flash game marathon?

there's flash tourney already

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thanks @jacmatic11 from vietnam for giving us such resources for setting up this marathon. 👍️


That's legit my post from earlier in the thread

begone @jacmatic11 , you're no @moversdubai

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thanks kanish


The link isn’t really giving me “racing game” vibes


This thread will forever be bumped by foreign bots

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