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Recently I was thinking about ways to highlight games that either won't accept or are seriously underrepresented and I had the idea of organizing a marathon style event. Would there be support for such an event and if so what should it be called and what charity should it support? All suggestions are welcome 🙂

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You could always be sassy and call it the "Notable Games Marathon", though that is a bit on the nose.

I think this is a pretty neat idea, personally. Catching anything live is usually rather difficult for me, but I'd definitely make an effort to try and tune in at some point. Heck, basically everything I run presently is rather under the radar.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I really like the Notable idea. I’m going to wait and see what some others say but if they also like the marathon concept, I will create a discord server.

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I think it would be a neat idea.
It's sort of sad that currently we can't accept every game that gets requested to the site, but hopefully that will change someday.

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Hopefully to a point, even if the site becomes extremely lenient, then you still wouldn’t want to accept games like the ones in

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hell yeah the only games i speedrun are ones that wouldn't be accepted LOL

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Seeing all the positive reception to this idea, I've created a discord server for the event. It's still in very early stages (there's not even a logo yet) but the server is functional (hopefully). Here's the link: In the near future, I hope to get a submission date figured out as well as a twitch channel created, at which point I will request the marathon on sr.c.

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Sweet, I've been waiting on more news for this. Already joined!

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Can you try getting another link?


Sorry, I updated the link. For some reason the other link was acting weird.

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I kinda like this concept, but with the recent (seemingly random) turn of event where SRC just started accepting almost everything
I'm not too sure it would necessarily be necessary anymore.

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@SizzylSizzyl Those are two very popular games, so it's hardly indicative that src is accepting "almost everything". It's more likely they've introduced a popularity exception to the rules.


The only reason I am posting this is because I will have the most recent post in every forum.


Not anymore.

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scratch games done quick (shit name i know)


I am interested in this. Is this event still a possibility?


Originally posted by hahhah42@Sizzyl Those are two very popular games, so it's hardly indicative that src is accepting "almost everything". It's more likely they've introduced a popularity exception to the rules.

I've had two games that were rejected in the past accepted onto the site, one of which I am the only runner for. It's not popularity, it's actually just less rules now.

@HattokHattok I don't know, the only discord link in this thread is invalid, and a lot of games are going to be accepted onto the site now.


@Merl_Merl_ Yeah, seems I was unduly pessimistic about the change. Would be nice if the rules were updated to reflect what's actually going to be accepted.

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