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My friend MothFan48 will be hosting a special one off event: Awakening the Cubob, winner gets a £50 steam code. I will co-host. It'll be a speedrunning focused event for this webgame Cubob. You have until 18th of Dec to prepare.
More Details and Open Registry:
Guide to the Game:
Src of Cubob:
Discord of Cubob:

You are not expected to know this game, it is a very minor flash game from 2011 which saw limited usage on many webgame hosting websites. The tournament will be done from discord of Awakening the Chaos and livestreamed on MothFan48's twitch. Feel free to DM me or MothFan48.

Edit: we absolutely forgot to open registry in the first few hours, this was awkward

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for additional clarification, this is a beginners only, no players who have been competitively speedrunning it will partake outside hosting and commentary

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What do we have to do to win?


Oh, my bad YUMmy_Bacon5, I should've made that clear but it's in the first link.

"The tournament will either be single elimination best of 3 or double elimination best of 2 depending on number of entrants.", essentially like sport tournaments until a 1v1 finale

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I hope your friend can repeat this event! I'm interesting