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-----What you do in the event-----
Beat the big room challenge as FAST AS POSSIBLE! Place your submissions in or in to enter your submission!

-----Where's the challenge?-----
Go to start > funmode > challenges > big room challenge (BEAT WORLD 2 IF YOU HAVE IT LOCKED)

For the very first time I'll give away prices for TOP 5 places:
1. Gamemaker 1 YEAR Creator Licence (worth 42e)
2. Max Payne 3 (worth 20e)
3. Amnesia: Rebirth (worth 30e)
4. Drawful 2 (worth 10e)
5. Townscaper (worth 5e)

If it happens that you don't want a particular reward when you win, you can give it to someone else or request a giveaway on this server
Event starts NOW and ends on 1st May! Have fun :)


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- Added Daily Levels Current Streak Leaderboard, this leaderboard resets someone's score if they lose a streak.
- Closing down the old language system for TCC in favor of the newer one. It'll be back again eventually
- Added Languages folder where the game's executable is, this is where I'll add in languages (and eventually, custom languages will be supported!)

- Brought back the old discord logo for the TCC discord server
- Android supports custom controls config in settings! Android users please wait for a while and the game will be updated for you!

Bug fixes:
- When going to level select your coin counter now resets to 0.
- You can no longer exploit the pause button after the hotdog boss was killed or at the fake W5-L20 when the floor collapses.